About Me

Hi! Thanks for checking Holistic Herbivore.

A Little Bit About the Blog:

I chose the name “Holistic Herbivore” because I’m a vegetarian, but I also believe in looking at the whole picture when it comes to food, fitness, and life in general. I also hold compassion and respect as some of my highest values and try valiantly not to be a militant vegetarian. I believe strongly in my food choices, but would rather lead by example and sharing my experience than berating others for theirs.  I plan to share recipes, workouts, food adventures, insights, research – anything and everything related to my quest to live wholly and fully.

A Little Bit About Me:

My name is Liz and I am currently exploring all of the culinary and cultural delights of San Francisco, CA. I didn’t ever think about ending up here, but so far I love it!

A beautiful shot on a rare, sunny SF day!

I share my house, my time, and my neuroses with my wonderful boyfriend, Alex.

Model look or confusion, one can never tell!

‘We share our 2 bedroom house (meaning we get a small corner and they basically run the place) with these two lovelies:

Brother and sister!

They are a huge part of our lives so don’t be surprised if you read about them often!!