Fall, Friends, Fun

Over the weekend we went over to our friends’ Dave and Nicole’s house for dinner. They are always such fabulous hosts and make such delicious food.  I am just now realizing that I don’t think we’ve ever cooked a full meal for them! This will have to change. Hanging out with them is always so relaxing and fun, plus they are big foodies like us so we get to chat about all things food related.

Nicole and I met in college when we both volunteered for the same organization. Funnily enough, Alex and Nicole lived in the dorms together! I suppose Cal Poly really isn’t that big, but I still think it’s pretty random – and I love dissecting random things and finding reason in them. 😀

Dave is clearly emphatically emphasizing something!

This is their adorable dog, Georgia. They have cat too, but she was scared of us and didn’t come out! Georgia was excited to see us because we brought her a bag of treats. Newman’s Own Peanut Butter flavor! I was overwhelmed at the pet store; there were FIVE aisles of dog treats. And some people are very deliberate about what they feed their pets, so I didn’t want to get something too crazy. But apparently Georgia loves Newman’s Own but hadn’t had the peanut butter – so she got a new flavor!

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! These pumpkin plants are so cute.

Lovely fall centerpiece.

So cute!

Silvery pumpkins! There were so many adorable pumpkin things, I was insanely excited.

Enjoying a Harvest Moon. And yes, that’s the Giants game on in the background. AND YES THEY CLINCHED IT. Let’s see if they can do it again!! I hope they win at home this time!!

Quesedillas in preparation! Apple and arugula…mmmmm.

I got him to actually smile!

Finished quesedillas with mustard dipping sauce.

Feta, sweet potato and watercress salad. To die for!

The CUTEST PUMPKIN DISHES EVER. And inside them, pumpkin bread pudding with toffee sauce on top. Damn. It was delicious. And I am not a huge bread pudding fan.

And then the night ended perfectly with the Giants going to the World Series and the four of us mocking newscasters for another hour and a half. I couldn’t ask for a better night!



2 responses to “Fall, Friends, Fun

  1. It does look like a dish to die for! and the season decoration looks extremely festive-Nice! the smile of course is one of the better things!

  2. That salad looks amazing! Was it just those three ingredients? What kind of dressing was on it?

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