When Eating With Your Hands is Acceptable

Last Friday night, we went over to Derek and Angie’s for dinner. I, of course, forgot the camera (plus I haven’t gotten used to taking photos when in groups of people). We had a grand time, eating and catching up and playing 90’s Trivial Pursuit. Which, incidentally, led to the inspiration of my Halloween costume which you’ll see pictures of next week. 😉

I do have pictures of the leftovers that we brought home:

Ethiopian! Those rolls of bread (which I think are so cute) are called injera and you tear off pieces and scoop up different dishes with your hands. It’s a very cool experience – I’ve only had it a few times but I really enjoy it. Scooping up the food with your hands is fun and lends it self to really connecting with your food, somehow more than a fork.

Injera is made of teff and is spongy and slightly sourdough like. I’m wondering now if I could make it at home! I’ve never seen anyone on the blogs make it, but perhaps I’ll have to take a stab at it. You know, cause my baking skills are off the hook….Okay, decision made, I will make injera and some Ethiopian dishes in the near future. I will document the successes and failures here for all of you to see!

Ethiopian restaurants also have a ton of vegetarian options; Alex said it was his favorite country when he visited Africa because the food was so varied and tasty. I would love to go back with him someday!

On that note, I leave you with some ridiculous pictures of the cats, as I took very few pictures of the Ethiopian deliciousness:

Runty is a very technologically advanced cat.

Hippo likes love.

Lots of love. Don’t mind how crazy I look in this photo – I was home sick today people!

Ah the life of a cat.


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