Eating on the cheap

This week, we are eating down the pantry. I have a bit of a cold and haven’t felt like going grocery shopping all week. Thankfully, we’ve had enough components in our pantry to make some pretty great meals. Here’s a smattering:

Mmmm, lentily goodness. Lentils made with diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, and spices. On the side, leftover homemade pita and tzatziki. I will share the recipe for the tzatziki later on today because it’s a fabulous dip!

Savory oats with leftover avocado, chips, and salsa.



Beans and rice with half a tomato and some leftover and sort of old (but not moldy) cheese. I haven’t had beans and rice for a while and I forgot how much I like it!

My favorite new snack of all time – toast with peanut butter and pumpkin butter. Salty + sweet + crunchy. I think I’ll freeze some pumpkin butter just so I can have this all year round. Plus I have a lot of pumpkin butter.

And for dessert the last two nights – vanilla ice cream with cocoa powder, coconut and chopped almonds. It’s simple, delicious and not overly rich for dessert. Plus, serving it in mugs somehow feels very cool.

It’s been a fun challenge to eat out of what we already  have. Granted, we don’t have to make it through the full week – we have dinner plans Thursday – Saturday night – but it’s nice to know we can be resourceful when necessary.

It helps to have stores of grains and beans and some canned goods on hand  – so I recommend keeping a stash around.

A post on tzatziki, motivation, and the movie “Waiting for Superman” coming later!

Until next time!


One response to “Eating on the cheap

  1. That pita bread looks yum.

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