Something to work toward

It’s feeling very fallish here in Northern California. Even though I didn’t need the scarf I wore to work, the breeze did pick up just right to make me happy for the jacket. I love it most when it’s sunny but cold – I can get my vitamin D but I also get to wear a sweater and a scarf.

Fall is the season for baked goods and for hot tea. I love brewing and drinking tea but I don’t like iced tea at all! So in the summer, my tea drinking either drops off or is sort of painful. I had some ginger tea at brunch yesterday and it was just perfect.

The only fallish thing I’ve done thus far is make pumpkin overnight oats, so I figured I’d make a list of goals of things I want to accomplish this fall (some season related, some not):

-Host a Thanksgiving dinner party (I did this last year and it was so much fun!)

-Make dinner rolls from scratch succesfully (I tried to do this last fall for the aforementioned party but failed!)

-Find the perfect chili recipe

-Start running outside in my Vibrams (I did my first 1 mile run in them today on the treadmill just to get a feel! More on that tomorrow).

-Make my blog posts thoughtful, relevant, and engaging. I don’t want to give in to what the rest of the blog community is doing just because that’s what they do. I want this place to be my own.

-Go hiking! I know it will be freezing but I really want to spend more time exercising outside and being in nature.

-Take five thoughtful photos with decent technique (as opposed to my slapshot photos now).

-Organize my pile of magazines in the bookcase

-Pick three yoga poses and practice them daily so I can connect with my body

-Make time for exploring. Don’t pre plan everything.

-Remember what the holiday season is really about – sharing time with loved ones.

That’s what I’ve got for now! Please feel free to share any goals you have for the fall!


2 responses to “Something to work toward

  1. I love your goals. Especially the one about remembering what the holiday season is all about. And hiking. I love hiking!

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