On a Mission for Pie

Last night was date night for Alex and I. Let me be honest that usually Friday  nights, barring some sort of birthday celebration, are spent lounging on the couch with the cats watching TV. After a full week of work/errands/chores/etc. sometimes getting up the motivation to go out is rough.

But because we are racing on Sunday, I knew we probably wouldn’t stay out late tonight so I told Alex I wanted to do something fun, although mellow. He suggested we walk and explore and find dessert. Then I remembered that I’ve been wanting to try Mission Pie.

I was intrigued because 1) I love pie and 2) they are an organization committed to social, environmental and economic justice. They collaborate with local youth organizations to provide a positive work environment for young people. They use fair trade coffee and tea. Everything is recycled. Check out their website for more information, but I love to support local business, especially when they are dedicated to many of the same causes that I am.

So we wandered. And we found it!

Along the way, we found a million other restaurants to try and a really cool art gallery.

I really want this print from Hilary Williams:


I just think it’s so cool! Maybe some day (art is expensive!)

So then we ate pie (which I conveniently forgot to take a photo of). I had vegan apple and it was delicious. The vibe there was very mellow and relaxing. I was a happy camper.

Then we came home and I read for a while:

This is one of those books that I don’t think I’m that into, but then when I look over an hour has passed and I’ve read 100 pages. So I guess I’m pretty into it!

It was the perfect relaxing date night to start the weekend off right.

Later, my parents are coming into town and we are going to what should be an exciting baseball game between the SF Giants and the SD Padres! Woo!


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