Sustainable Sweets

For dessert the other night we had my favorite chocolate in the whole world:

Theo is a chocolate producer based in Seattle, WA. I found out about them when I visited my friend Ashley there in January:

Ashley loves food as much as I do. She took us to many culinary hot spots when we were in Seattle and I was so happy. I took a lot of pictures of food!

But by far my favorite and the one I talked about the most was Theo.

I LOVE chocolate. Love. Almost as much as I love Alex and the cats and my family and my friends. I eat it when I’m happy and when I’m sad. I eat it in all forms. Then I discovered Theo, a company that completely aligns with my values. If you are ever in Seattle and have the chance to visit their factory, I highly recommend it.

A bit about Theo:

  • Produces organic and fair trade specialty chocolates (the only fair trade and organic producer in the country – the rest are in Europe).
  • Ingredients are grown sustainably and sourced locally whenever possible.They buy beans directly from farmers and grower cooperatives.
  • They partner with their growers to ensure a living wage and education for their families.
  • They use sustainable packaging and printing practices.

As they take you through the tour, they tell you about every step of the process. All of their chocolate comes out of this one little factory and they ship nationwide!

Most importantly, their chocolate tastes good. It’s the best chocolate I’ve ever had, hands down.

Go, tour, eat!

This is the best part about the store attached to the factory:

Piles of samples of all their flavors!



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