Three days of three course meals

Hello from Boston!

I’ve actually been here since yesterday evening, I just haven’t had the time or wherewithal to post. I’m finding that I’m a pretty terrible food photographer, especially in a room with a bunch of financial folks. I don’t want to look like a nerd taking photos of my plate. It took me a long time to move into being comfortable calling myself a vegetarian; I have a feeling it will take me a while to call myself a blogger as well.

But regardless, I arrived in Boston last night and am only staying until tomorrow evening! A short trip to volunteer for a conference; in fact, I barely made it outside today. It’s rough on me being inside all day long – I get energy from being outdoors even if it’s in an urban environment.

So far the food has been pretty okay. For my flight here, I brought lots of snacks and I made this really awesome sandwich. I told myself so many times not to forget the sandwich. When I first thought to myself, “don’t forget your sandwich,” it was accompanied by “perhaps you should put a note on the door.” Instead I assured myself I would remember. I did not. 😦 And so, I ended up buying a delicious burrito from one of my favorite mexican restaurants that happens to have a kiosk at SFO. I saved it until lunch time on the plane and was pretty happy.

I’ve found that my least favorite conference meal is breakfast.  It’s either bacon and eggs or a bagel. The bagel would be fine except there’s no peanut butter to spread on it which makes me sad. So instead, I topped half a bagel with a bit of egg and had a bunch of fruit. (Side note, I don’t know if it’s because I’m from California, but the fruit here is TERRIBLE. It could definitely be the hotel supply as well but I figured maybe it’s an East Coast climate thing?) I’m thinking about ordering  steel cut oats from room service tomorrow with a fruit plate on the side. Room service is fun, plus I miss oatmeal!

The other vegetarian options have actually been quite good. I’ve seen a lot of innovation – not just pasta. In fact there were lentils on my plate tonight! Lentils! Yum!

The other thing that I think is really intense is that because we need to meet a food and beverage minimum, each meal is a three course meal! Bread and salad, entree and desert! It’s way  more food than I usually eat so I’m trying to at least be conscious of that.

I started today with a great 2.7 mile run at the hotel gym and a little bit of yoga. It made me almost late for set up, but it was worth it. I powered through the day with only one diet Pepsi (no diet coke 😦 ) and am still awake! I’m going to try and get up early to lift weights tomorrow but it might have to wait until Saturday when I get home.

I’ve met some really amazing people at the conference this year and connected with others that I’ve met before. The purpose of the conference is to connect high net worth individuals, foundations, and investors that want to make a social impact with their investments. They want a social return as well as a financial one. I think the cooperation of business and philanthropy is the way of the future of social change so it’s really exciting to be in the thick of it. Some people are doing some truly incredible things and the energy here is really revved up and enthusiastic. It’s inspiring to watch and makes me happy to be part of such an event.

With that sentiment, I am off for the evening to rest my pretty little head so I can drag myself out of bed tomorrow. I have a feeling jet lag is going to hit as soon as I’m ready to go back!

Until next time….


One response to “Three days of three course meals

  1. Do not forget the sandwich…oh no, I forgot the sandwich! Right there with you. Glad you had a good trip.

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