A brief and not very timely post….

Alex came home on Sunday! He was in Chile for a week skiing (lucky boy!) and so I was very happy to see him. I guess the food was pretty awful for vegetarians (think lots of hearts of palm), especially because they were in small towns. Once they got to Santiago for a few days, things were better. Anyway, this meant that I let him choose wherever he wanted to go for lunch on Sunday.

He chose one of my favorite places, Tartine Bakery,  so I was happy.

If you have never been to Tartine, go now. Eat bread. And baked goods. And if it’s lunch time, a grilled cheese sandwich.

Here’s a few quick shots.


Pecorino and almond with lemon and olive oil on walnut levain bread. It does not get better.

We caught this shot as we were strolling home from Dolores Park.

So cool! (Alex took the shot).

Just wanted to share a little about one of my favorite places to munch! And say WELCOME HOME ALEX!


2 responses to “Tartine!

  1. When I lived in Berkeley, I occasionally ventured to the Mission to Tartine. But over time it was too much of a scene (the queue on weekends!). But that dressed-up grilled cheese sandwich might be worth the wait.

    On my yoga blog, I’ve written about “going vegetarian” (off and on but most recently since last December). Recently I’ve wondered whether my body is craving fish for purely physical/physiological health–but I cannot plunge back without serious pause. Do you feel 100% healthy as a vegetarian?

    • Yeah the line can be ridiculous. But the sandwiches are worth it on special occasions! Plus, you just get a baked good while you wait for the sandwich to be ready. 😉

      So I do feel 100% healthy as a vegetarian, but if I’m being totally honest, it’s hard to say if that’s because I’m a vegetarian or because I’m eating so much healthier than I used to. When I was eating meat in college, I was eating a lot of takeout, a lot of pasta, not cooking very much for myself, etc etc. So I might feel just as healthy if I added small amounts of lean protein back into my diet. Thankfully, I don’t get cravings anymore for meat, although that took over a year to happen. Even now when I smell bacon cooking, I get a little wistful. But that’s it – no more craving than that. Having said all of that, I think it’s definitely possible to be 100% healthy as a veg – you just have to make sure that you don’t fall into the refined carb/cheese trap of lots of pasta and pizza-like things. There’s so many wonderful veg protein sources out there: a million bean varieties, quinoa, tempeh….I’ve discovered so many awesome, tasty new foods since I’ve gone vegetarian. But I also have a friend who is vegan 99% of the time but eats fish once a week because his doctor told him to, so I think it’s critical to listen to your body.

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