Grand plans!

I had grand plans today, some of which were met, some…not so much. My first was to get to the Farmers’ Market early. Check! The second was to get a 5.5 mile run in. Check!

Side note about the run. I was really struggling for the first 2.5 miles. After 3/4 of a mile, I was already thinking “okay, HOW much longer?!” It kept going like that until finally I stopped in a quiet place in Golden Gate park and thought to myself, “Take a breath and reconnect with your body. You are strong and capabable.” Those few moments made all the difference. I rocked the second half of my run and felt great afterward. It was definitely a spiritual moment when I wasn’t expecting one.

I then proceeded to shower, do chores, etc etc. My third grand plan was to go here:

EPIC. It’s the combination of two of my favorite things: books and food. I only can’t believe it took me so long to go! I bought birthday gifts for some of my lovely foodie girlfriends and salivated over a million other books. My new holiday gift wish is for the cookbook “My Nepenthe.” Since I know Alex reads this, I’m sure he’ll get the hint. 😉

I also encountered some amazing views on my walk there and my walk home:

My photos don’t do the views justice. They literally took my breath away. It’s possible that’s because I had to hike some serious hills to have this perspective, but I’m pretty sure it was the view.

I came home to this:

Sleepy, fat cat!

My fourth grand plan will be detailed in the next post. As I said….some of the plans did not go as well as one would hope….


One response to “Grand plans!

  1. Your consciousness is evident-being present seems to be what worked1

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