Baking: My Arch Enemy

So the final grand plan of the day was to make these peanut butter twix bars.

Click the link. You have to. I guarantee you’ll want to go out and get the necessary ingredients for these just like I did. I was going to surprise Alex with a sweet treat when he arrived home from Chile tomorrow.

Well. Some plans just don’t pan out.

Baking and I aren’t good friends. In fact, as the title suggests, I have never been a successful baker. The only thing I can successfully bake is gluten free carrot cake, of all things. Bread, biscuits, cookies, other cakes, brownies…none of them workout. Let me detail the most recent disaster for you.

First, the cookies. When Ashley made these, she specifies a few things. First, she says the dough should be dry and crumbly but should stick together when you mold it with your hands. Then you’re supposed to bake the cookies, cool them, and bake again to make crispy. You’re supposed to cut them during the cooling period if they come out thicker than they are supposed to.

Well. My dough was super ultra moist and difficult to handle.

Not dry and crumbly

Then I took them out of the oven and they were definitely wider than Twix length:

Yes that’s a tray from my freezer. I don’t have wire cooling racks!

So after they cooled for a bit, I went to cut them and they were already super crispy. Impossible to cut in half, and they definitely did not need to go back into the oven. So I figured I would just break them in half and make roundish Twix-like things.

So I made the peanut butter filling. It was supposed to be moist and moldable.

It was dry and crumbly. Some how the cookies and the peanut butter filling had the opposite attributes they were supposed to. Not sure if it’s because I used chunky peanut butter.

So, as you can see from the above photo, I decided to power ahead. So the final step is the chocolate coating. So I used my janky double boiler method (we don’t have a microwave), which has always worked in the past but something went terribly wrong and I ended up with this:

Chocolate paste. GREAT.

So I ended up throwing away the chocolate paste and the crumbly PB filling and just keeping the wafer cookies.

I’m not sure what went wrong in any given step. I’d like to try and make them again sometime. I hate wasting time and money to end up with nothing, but I guess that’s how it goes.

The worst part was I then went to make myself a grilled eggplant sandwich for dinner, and the eggplant I got at the Farmers’ Market this morning was brown and icky inside. SIGH.

I suppose we have to fail in order to make success that much better! Regardless, I stuffed myself trying the batter, eating the broken cookies and sneaking a bit of the PB filling, so I got my dessert in.

The boy comes home tomorrow! Can’t wait to see him – planning on celebrating with banana soft serve with crumbly chocolate wafer cookies. 😉



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