Chow Church and chocolate cream pie

Good morning!

So last night I went to to dinner with some new friends and we went to Chow Church. Like I said in the post last night, as they were new friends, I didn’t want to awkwardly be busting out my camera to take photos of my food, so I’ll just have to recap it for you  here.

We started off with the summer tomatoes which was delicious; two huge pieces of grilled bread piled with summer tomatoes. There is nothing better than garlic, olive oil and basil covering a fresh tomato.

Then I just got a small soup and salad (figuring, correctly, that dessert might be involved). The salad was fine – nothing to write home about. But the soup was delicious – smoky and full of veggies. I could’ve definitely had a bigger bowl.

Dessert was chocolate cream pie which we split three ways. I love me some chocolate cream pie. So my family’s chocolate cream pie recipe is this:

1 graham cracker crust
2 packages chocolate pudding (not instant)

Method: Make pudding according to package directions. Fill graham cracker crust. Chill. Enjoy with whipped cream!

It looks like this:

(photo credit to

Despite all fresh fruit pies and pumpkin pie (which I am not a fan of) this chocolate beauty takes the cake every Thanksgiving for me.

Last night’s pie was definitely richer than that. It was fudge-y, thick and covered in whipped cream topping. I was glad we split it three ways! I took a few bites and called it a night.

I am making some fun recipes this weekend, so I will be documenting them and sharing them here!

Also, just wanted to say that my thoughts go out to those in San Bruno who have been injured or killed, have lost their homes, or are experiencing other hardships because of the natural gas line explosion.

Until next time…


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