I have been on a crunchy kick lately; every meal has to end with something crunchy. This has it’s advantages if I’m say…eating carrots. It has it’s disadvantages when I’ve just eaten stew and rice and am full but still crave something crunchy and thus I eat a cookie, or some trail mix or handful of granola.

It feels as though I’ve been doing quite a bit of mindless snacking over the last few months. I needed to gain a few pounds at the beginning of this summer, and I achieved my goal, but I think in the process I picked up the habit of adding unconcious handfuls of food to my diet. While I’m happy I gained a few pounds, I don’t like that I did it without being aware of what I was putting in my mouth.

When I don’t pay attention to what I’m eating, I don’t appreciate it or savor it. It’s a compulsion rather than a decision.  One of the saddest parts about mindless eating – I don’t even enjoy the food I’m eating because I’m only half paying attention to it!

I am getting back to meal planning tomorrow – so once I finish up the plan, I’ll post it so ya’ll can see what I’m eating for the next week or so!

XO, until next time….


One response to “Crunchy!

  1. I think Julie’s first comment was from her mum so you’re one up on her! Keep blogging, I love your writing.


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