Back and Balanced (sort of)

So I am back from the playa with a fat, nuzzling cat on my lap and dinner on the stove. I got back Sunday morning around 6:30 am but needed two full days of laziness and sleep to recover from travel plans gone awry.  Such travel plans necessitated eating (read: devouring) a Denny’s omelet at 1 am in the midst of a straight 8 hour shot from Nevada to San Francisco in the dead of night. The Larabars and trail mix just weren’t going to cut it.

But overall the trip was fantastic and I ate (and drank) *relatively* healthy! I definitely ate good breakfasts all week – mostly eggs wrapped in tortillas with goat cheese and salsa. Lunch was usually a cheese and avocado sandwich or a PB and J. I used the frozen stuff I brought for dinner – stew and veggie burgers!

We also got dinner one night at a fantastic Thai restaurant camp – a full three course meal served in this awesome tent with small tables and pillows on the ground. For those of you that don’t know, everything at Burning Man is free; a three course meal is an incredibly kind investment. Other food stuffs included a soft serve camp (delicious when you’re in the blazing heat) and a great popcorn place. I wish I had taken more pictures of these things, but I was so in the moment that I just didn’t think of it.

The one food photo I have is this:

A friend in my camp made bacon-wrapped hot dogs to give out to folks passing by. Despite how good they smelled, I didn’t give in!! I did lean over and smell it a few times and I admit that I stole an onion or two covered in bacon grease. Give a girl a break, it’s bacon!!

Here are a few other photos from the trip, just for fun!

The sky changes rapidly at BM but is always beautiful!

Fantastic art sculpture of a dancing woman. Truly beautiful.

Full on double rainbow all the way across the sky!!! (Later turned into a triple)

That's Alex in there!

Performers at the temple

Until next time….


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